Quality and Innovation: Tronel welcomes new CEO

After more than 12 successful years in the office, Marcin Żyrkowski, the CEO of Tronel, decided to step down. He will be succeeded by another co-founder of Tronel, Piotr Kubaty.

Founded as a startup in 2011 by Marcin ŻyrkowskiPiotr Kubaty, and Pawel Kubaty, Tronel has dynamically grown over the years. What started as a humble organization is now a thriving embedded solutions company employing over 60 top-class engineers. A customer-first approach and relentless commitment to quality are what distinguish Tronel from other embedded solutions companies. We celebrated Tronel’s 12th anniversary last August.

We sat down with the new CEO, Piotr Kubaty, to discuss the changes Tronel is undergoing and to learn more about his vision for the company’s future.

Were you there when Tronel was born, what was your involvement in the early stages?

I was right there with Marcin and Pawel, the other two founders, during Tronel’s inception. At that time, Pawel and I were based in the UK, while Marcin had already moved back to Poland. We established Tronel as a Polish company, and Marcin assumed the role of CEO. Pawel and I supported Marcin, contributing to closing an important deal with the first customer in the UK, initially setting Tronel on its path to success.

Piotr Kubaty, CEO of Tronel, Embedded solutions provider

Piotr Kubaty at Tronel’s Krakow office

Could you share some insights into your professional background?

I consider myself fortunate that my profession is one of my passions. With the heart and mind of an engineer, my journey began at the age of nine, tinkering with programming an 8-bit computer. I studied Software Engineering and Electronics.

My professional life started in Poland as a Software Engineer, specializing in embedded solutions. Eager for new challenges, I took a leap and embraced an opportunity abroad, accepting a position at a multinational company based in the UK, where I spent a fulfilling 20 years. This period was transformative, allowing me to grow both as an engineer and an individual.

During my time in the UK, I wore different hats in engineering and management. This journey gave me valuable insights into the intricacies of running a successful business in a highly competitive environment.

Marcin has led Tronel as the CEO for the past 12 years; what motivated the decision for a leadership change at this time?

Firstly, Marcin’s eagerness to take on new technical challenges led him to step away from the CEO role, creating an opportunity for change. We saw this as a positive move for Tronel, as Marcin’s exceptional engineering skills will continue to benefit the company in exploring new technical frontiers.

Despite my short tenure at Tronel – just a few months at that point – the company’s management recognized the potential in my strategic vision. This unexpected shift allowed me to bring a fresh perspective to the leadership role.

The decision wasn’t solely driven by Marcin’s pursuit of new challenges but also aligned with the company’s vision to adapt to the ever-changing industry landscape and market conditions.

What role will Marcin play in the company from now on? We know that Pawel will be remaining in the CTO position

Moving forward, Marcin will shift into a role dedicated to leading new technical initiatives. Despite stepping down as CEO, he will maintain an active presence as a board member, contributing to strategic decision-making at that level. His deep engineering know-how will keep guiding Tronel through new and challenging technical frontiers.

Tronel's co-founders, Marcin Żyrkowski and Paweł Kubaty sitting at the table

Marcin Żyrkowski and Pawel Kubaty, Tronel’s co-founders

What do you see as most important when guiding Tronel to success?

At the core of guiding Tronel to sustained success is our commitment to delivering top-notch work and ensuring customer satisfaction, while maintaining positive, collaborative and balanced work environment for our employees.

Secondly, it’s important to welcome new technologies and smartly explore new technical areas.

What are the values represented by Tronel that you consider most important?

At Tronel, we’re not just a company; we’re a team of tech enthusiasts. It’s like joining a coding Avengers – our values include camaraderie, innovation, and the occasional friendly battle against software bugs 😉

We deliberately steer away from being just another corporate entity – it’s one of our core values. We genuinely believe that every individual matters; they’re our most valuable asset. This belief has been with us from the start. We focus on creating a workplace where collaboration and inclusion thrive, appreciating the diverse skills and perspectives each team member brings. Excellence, innovation, integrity, a customer-centric mindset, continuous learning, adaptability, and clear communication aren’t just buzzwords for us – they’re the principle values guiding us to success.

How do you plan to keep up with the latest technological developments in the embedded solutions sector?

Our game plan involves continually investing in team training and professional development, with a focus on gaining expertise in emerging frameworks and new technologies. Currently, we’re keen on beefing up our know-how in AI, particularly Edge AI. We’re actively engaged in industry forums, staying in the loop with the latest publications, and fostering a culture of learning within the organization. This ensures our team is well-prepped to navigate and leverage the latest technological advancements.

Piotr Kubaty Tronel CEO planning strategy for Embedded solutions

Piotr Kubaty, Tronel’s CEO

Are there any strategic or operational changes on the horizon?

No grand overhauls planned – just a few strategic adjustments. It’s like refactoring code; clean it up a bit, eliminate redundancies, and hope it runs smoother. The less drama, the better. Basically we’re looking into ways to work smarter and be more innovative. This might mean tweaking how we do things, trying out new tech, and checking out possible partnerships. We’re aiming to keep up with what’s happening in the industry. All this while making sure our customers have a smooth experience.

In the current market landscape, what do you identify as the most significant challenges and opportunities for Tronel in the embedded solutions sector?

Dealing with today’s market comes with its share of challenges and opportunities for Tronel. The not-so-great financial scene out there is a bit of a hurdle. Keeping up with fast-paced tech changes is also on our radar. But, you know, tough times can open up some exciting chances, like spreading our wings in the market and diving into new tech. We’re aiming to grab these opportunities, tackle the challenges, and keep the growth train going.

What is your vision for Tronel’s future?

My vision for Tronel’s future is all about being a lively and innovative player in our industry. I want Tronel to be savvy with the latest tech, delivering solutions that match the ever-changing market needs. I envision Tronel as the go-to partner, known for our commitment to quality and making our customers genuinely happy.

To make this vision a reality, we are diving into new tech areas, keeping an eye on industry trends, and making sure Tronel is seen as a reliable and forward-thinking player. Plus, a big part of our growth plan is actively expanding our customer base. That way, we’re not just rolling; we’re pushing ahead with steady growth and a bigger impact in the market.

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Piotr CEO

Piotr Kubaty

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at Tronel

Tronel’s co-founder and CEO, Piotr, has more than twenty years of experience in embedded solutions and management. Starting his career as an embedded software engineer, Piotr has hands-on experience with developing software as well as strategies for running a successful business. Delivering top-notch work and ensuring customer satisfaction, while maintaining a positive, collaborative, and balanced work environment, are his top priorities.

By Dorota Gdanska