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embedded firmware and apps for Cautus Geo

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Cautus Geo is an innovative Norwegian company specializing in geo- and environmental monitoring for land, water and vulnerable structure. Their systems provide the automatic measurement of stability, deformation, water quality, snow and other environmental factors. The company leads the way in geo-monitoring systems, mapping and surveying, GIS and data management. Cautus Geo’s solutions are used in several areas including construction, transportation and prevention of natural hazards, where their technology is critical for human life and safety.

Cautus Geo

the background

Key components of Cautus Geo’s systems are data loggers that collect a variety of environmental data from sensors and send automated early warning alerts in real time. To advance their systems further, Cautus Geo was looking for a reliable and trusted long-term partner that would develop software that Cautus Geo’s engineers could use to configure the loggers for specific systems. To ensure the highest standards are met, the project requirements included a provision of quality code, a clean repository and comprehensive documentation.

When we in Cautus Geo decided to build our own data logger, we needed someone to handle the embedded coding, maintain firmware updates and develop new applications. Early in the process, we found Tronel to be a competent and clean company to work with. They have done some great work on our data loggers, both organizing code and documenting features, making it easy for us to test and verify the quality of their work.

Vegar Svendgard 

Development Manager at Cautus Geo

the approach

Tronel created a dedicated project team working closely with Cautus Geo’s engineers. The project started with a knowledge-gathering phase followed by setting up the development environment machine with hardware virtualization. Consecutively, we focused on developing and installing embedded firmware. In the next steps, we programmed data logger apps and developed new features and support for new sensors.

Cautus Geo's engineer mounting data logger
Close-up of the hand of an engineer working on the embedded system's hardware

technologies we used

the solution

The solution is an effective, reliable and customized system that can be configured by Cautus Geo’s engineers for particular functions. It enables high-precision measuring, accessing and reading data from sensors and generating data outputs. The new logger applications include scheduling, advanced measurements and calibration settings. The firmware is based on an ARM processor and a simple operating system that requires low power and memory, which makes it an efficient and compact solution for outdoor settings.

Cautus Geo's logger mounted in the field
Cautus Geo's logger mounted in the field

the results

The firmware and apps enabled Cautus Geo to adapt the data loggers to a variety of projects crucial for the protection of human life. Tronel is continuing our successful collaboration with Cautus Geo and is currently working on the development of further apps and system testing.

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