Behind the High-Performance Solutions: An Interview with Tronel’s Performance Solutions Architect

Łukasz Wątor, High-Performace Solutions Architect, working in Tronel's office in Kraków.

Designing advanced embedded systems can be quite a challenge, but it is nothing compared to the satisfaction that comes with successfully completing a project. No one understands it better than Łukasz Wątor – Tronel’s Performance Solutions Architect and the leader of one of our teams.

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Sustainability through IoT: Paving the Way to a Greener Future

Energy-efficient and sustainable wind turbines on a green hill

IoT solutions have emerged as a feasible technology for tackling environmental challenges and supporting sustainable development. From gathering real-time data on natural disasters to automating processes for more efficient use of resources, this technology is transforming more and more industries. When combined with new advancements in edge computing, AI and security, IoT offers a promising path forward.

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IoT on the Edge: The Future of Smart Devices and Data Processing

Visualization of connections between multiple elements of IoT on the edge

For long, the cloud has been treated as an essential component in IoT infrastructure. However, as technology advances, businesses are looking for more efficient ways to store and process data. IoT on the edge is emerging as the next big thing in the world of embedded technologies. But is it just another buzzword or a real breakthrough? Let’s explore the topic in greater detail.

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Tronel’s 2024 Embedded Trends Outlook

AI trends embedded systems

At the beginning of last year, Tronel published a blog exploring our predictions for embedded systems in 2023. We are proud to have successfully identified several trends that had a significant influence on the embedded systems world and the IT sector as a whole. So, we have decided to make this an annual tradition.

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Quality and Innovation: Tronel welcomes new CEO

Piotr Kubaty, CEO of Tronel, Embedded solutions provider

After more than 12 successful years in the office, Marcin Żyrkowski, the CEO of Tronel, decided to step down. He will be succeeded by another co-founder of Tronel, Piotr Kubaty.

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How to be Agile in Embedded?

agile in embedded

Agile has been a software development trend for nearly two decades. Nevertheless, embedded software engineers are often reluctant to implement Agile in embedded projects. What is the reason behind this uncertainty, and is embedded development truly not a good match for Agile? Let’s find out.

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5 Steps to Successful Collaboration with an Embedded Solutions Provider

Macro of a printed circuit board used in embedded solutions

Partnering with an embedded solutions provider can be a real game changer. From leveraging your partner’s niche expertise, through optimizing development costs to accelerating time to market, the collaboration can benefit your business in a number of ways.

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Why C++ Programming Continues to Thrive in Embedded Systems


New technologies keep revolutionizing the world of embedded systems. Partnering with xBerry, we join their exciting series of articles exploring the latest technological advancements. In the blog: From Rust to Riches: Will Embedded Applications Ditch C++ for a Brighter Future?, our partners describe the powerful features that Rust brings to the industry. A bit perversely, we take an opposite stand, demonstrating why C++ programming is still very much relevant to the embedded solutions and will be for many years from now.

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Unlocking the Power of Neural Networks in Embedded Systems

Graphical illustration of neural networks in embedded systems showing them as blue nodes in the darkness

Neural networks and resource-constrained embedded systems may sound like oil and water. However, when combined correctly, these technologies have the potential to open up a realm of incredible opportunities in the industry. In this article, we aim to demystify neural networks shedding light on how they can reshape the future of embedded devices.

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12 Years of Driving Innovation in Embedded Solutions

Co-founders, Marcin Żyrkowski and Paweł Kubaty in front of Tronel's logo sign at the company headquarter

This year, Tronel is celebrating its 12th anniversary. What started as a humble dream, nurtured by passion and dedication, has become a thriving success. Initially founded as a start-up, Tronel now employs over 60 engineers and collaborates with technology leaders in markets worldwide. Challenging what’s achievable in the world of embedded solutions and continuous commitment to quality have brought Tronel to the forefront of the industry.

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Microprocessor vs Microcontroller in Embedded Systems

Macro of a printed circuit board

As hardware manufacturers continue to come up with new technologies, deciding between a microprocessor vs microcontroller-based embedded system is no longer a straightforward decision. With advanced 32-bit microcontrollers available on the market, the line between the world of microprocessors and microcontrollers seems to be blurring.

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How to Choose the Best Embedded Solutions Company for Your Project


Developing an embedded system is a demanding process requiring strong expertise and robust development practices. To ensure the success of your project, you need a trusted embedded solutions company who will meet your business needs. Yet, choosing the right experts from the vast number of companies in the market can be a challenging task.

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Embedded Systems Explained: What They Are and How They Work

Macro of a printed circuit board used in embedded systems

We may not always realize it but embedded systems surround us at every turn. From a coffeemaker you use to brew your morning coffee to a driver-assistance system in your car, it’s hard to imagine virtually any aspect of modern life without embedded technology.

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5 Trends in Embedded Systems to Watch in 2023

Macro of laptop with blue-lit screen

As the world is drifting towards ingenious technologies, the embedded systems industry is evolving faster than ever. In 2021, the global embedded systems market was valued at $89.1 billion and is expected to reach $163.2 billion by 2031.

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