industrial image processing

enhancing thermal imaging quality control

the background

Tronel’s client is a German company specializing in solutions for industrial image processing, including laser triangulation, stripe light projection and thermography. One of their product is a thermal imaging drone for quality control of large industrial facilities and objects such as gas pipelines or chimneys. The device involves two cameras, an RGB camera and a thermal camera that uses infrared energy to sense differences in heat. The client turned to Tronel to develop a suitable embedded system that would enable one to control both cameras with a user controller.

the challenge

The client presented Tronel with strict requirements regarding the system efficiency, image resolution and data transfer speed. They needed not only basic functions such as switching the cameras on and off but also the possibility to record videos from both cameras simultaneously and access live view. Importantly, the videos from the thermal camera could not be compressed when saved to retain the information quality. In addition, all hardware components of the system needed to be small and lightweight so that the drone could fly seamlessly.

the approach

Tronel adopted an agile approach to this project. Our engineers regularly met and shared progress with the client. We not only developed embedded software but also advised the client on the hardware components of the system. Initially, the system was based on Raspberry Pi. Yet, after we evaluated more powerful SoCs, the final solution was delivered on the nVidia Jetson platform. Similarly, Tronel conducted comprehensive research to select an RGB camera with the best image resolution and data transfer speed and prototyped multiple solutions. Our engineers integrated all hardware and software components and ensured they worked together as required through user and functional tests.

technologies we used

the solution

The solution is an efficient and synchronized embedded system that allows for controlling both cameras with an intuitive controller with a graphic user interface. The system records and saves high-quality videos and images enabling fast, contactless and detailed quality control.

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