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accelerating time to market with embedded software for base station simulators

the background

Tronel’s client is the world’s leading provider of emulation solutions and test equipment for chipset manufacturers for mobile devices. They needed a long-term partner with deep embedded expertise who would support them with the development of low-level software for base station simulators. Our continuous cooperation focuses on the development, testing, maintenance and technical support for consecutive versions of the products. Tronel collaborates with the client primarily on simulators that support 3G, LTE and 5G cellular standards.

the approach

Tronel has created teams of engineers that work on software development, the client application and dedicated quality assurance team. The implementation of Agile and CI/CD practices allows us to increase workflow efficiency, automate the development processes and regularly provide new product features. To ensure software reliability and robustness, our specialists run multiple series of manual, automatic, integration and system tests.

technologies we use

the solution

Tronel has helped the client to create extremely advanced and high-performing software for consecutive versions of base station simulators. The software operates on VxWorks real-time operating system that prevents delays and ensures full synchronization. Each base station simulator can be controlled by the client application that allows one to test its performance, manage the antennas or connect it to a mobile device. The client application can be accessed using a touchscreen controller mounted directly on the base station simulator or via a test PC connected to a product through an ethernet cable.

Our engineers support the development of new software features, such as increased speed of data transfer and compatibility with new frequency bands, quickly responding to the changing needs of the end clients. We have also collaborated with the client on the launch of new tools for developers, including an application for analyzing test scenarios and a licensing program for managing access, which has significantly increased workflow efficiency and system security. 

the results

Tronel’s long-term collaboration with the client has helped them to maintain the leading position in the emulation solutions market. With the support of our engineers, the client can respond to the needs of chipset manufacturers and quickly introduce new software features.

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