structural condition monitoring system

elevating security in IoT devices

client profile

The Aluminium Lighting Company is based in South Wales. The company specializes in creating innovative, high-quality aluminium solutions for rail, highways, and the private development sector. Since 1994, ALC has been supplying both domestic and international clients with aluminium columns, traffic signal poles and cast brackets.

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the background

One of ALC’s products is a Structural Condition Monitoring System (SCMS), an IoT monitoring device which determines the condition of cantilever structures. The system takes various readings to monitor the behaviour of the column as it responds to prevailing wind and weather conditions.

ALC was looking for a reliable and experienced embedded systems partner who could support them with further development of their products. ALC aimed to enhance their SCMS by upgrading the firmware to enable seamless automatic integration and further improve device security.

Tronel have been a great help with our ARM MCU firmware upgrades.  Their knowledge and experience in the MCU software development were invaluable and allowed us to meet our challenging product delivery timelines.

Michael Harris

Technical Product Manager at Aluminium Lighting Company

the approach

Tronel formed a dedicated project team that collaborated closely with the client. The project began with a major upgrade consisting of a new version of the FreeRTOS operating system, as well as all necessary libraries.

Upon completion of phase one, Tronel’s engineers moved to implement other requested features, which covered major security enhancements among others. To ensure data protection and secure file transfer, we used AWS Signature Version 4, which provided advanced authentication. We also completed several smaller features, like component and functional tests for quality assurance processes.

As the project progressed, Tronel’s specialists not only proceeded with the required development work but also offered continuous support and technical consultancy.

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Circut board

technologies we used

the solution

The solution is a reliable, secure, and upgraded FreeRTOS-based IoT device which is compatible with the newest industry standards. The connection to AWS makes the system easy to update and provides support for remote code execution.

ALC can automatically integrate device security parameters during the manufacturing process, ensuring that their product meets the highest quality standards.

Future cooperation plans include further R&D work as well as the development of software for the upcoming ALC’s IoT devices.

SCMS (Structural Condition Monitoring System) device

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