SBC Software Development

SBC software development

accelerate your time to market with Tronel’s software solutions for single-board computers

unleash the power of SBC

Single-board computers provide the possibility to design your own embedded system without the need for substantial resources, making them an affordable alternative to developing comprehensive solution from scratch while still offering the flexibility of customization. Leveraging our extensive expertise in embedded software engineering, we can help you create a tailored software solution for your SBC that fits your needs and budget.

Nvidia Jetson SBC (single board computer)

benefits of single-board computers

cost optimization

SBC solutions are more affordable than developing an entire embedded system from scratch


the software can be customized to meet your specific project requirements

faster time to market

the compact design of SBC speeds up development, expediting your product’s time-to-market

our embedded software solutions

client’s success story

industrial image processing:
enhancing thermal imaging quality control

Drone with a security camera

what our clients say

“Early in the process, we found Tronel to be a competent and clean company to work with. They have done some great work on our data loggers, both organizing code and documenting features, making it easy for us to test and verify the quality of their work.”

Vegar Svendgard 

Development Manager at Cautus Geo

software and hardware

While Tronel’s main expertise lies in embedded software engineering, we deliver complete embedded solutions through our network of hardware partners.  You will receive a comprehensive solution and full control over your systems.

why Tronel?

over a decade in the market

low-level programming


over 100 successful projects for international clients from various industries

60 qualified specialists with strong academic background

dedicated team for your project


we only undertake projects that are consistent with our competencies 

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