firmware development

firmware development

firmware development

make the most of your hardware: enhance functionality, improve efficiency and boost performance

empower your devices

If you’re looking to optimize your hardware performance, firmware programming is the right answer for you. Tronel will help you integrate devices into IoT infrastructure, control them remotely and process data from sensors.

Our services cover design, development and testing. Leverage our expertise in hardware, operating systems and low-level performance tools to make the most of your devices.

Embedded systems hardware

how do we work?


We analyze your hardware device to choose a suitable firmware architecture and meet latency and power consumption requirements


We consider various factors that might impact the cost of deploying and maintaining your firmware solution in the long term 


We apply a range of quality assurance procedures to make sure your code is clean and secure. We test both firmware and low-level software

our firmware services

RTOS development 

build firmware and applications that require real-time response

Integration with Cloud Systems

connect, authenticate and exchange messages with cloud systems

Linux Kernel Development

extend your device’s memory, manage peripherals and connect it with other IT components

Device Drivers

drive peripherals within your devices, including LEDs, buzzers, sensors and timers

Legacy Firmware Migration

migrate firmware from one MCU vendor to another

Digital Signal Processing

analyze sensor, audio and video data in real-time

Device Provisioning and Management

connect and manage your devices at scale

Power Management

improve battery life and reduce power usage

client’s success story

Cautus Geo: embedded firmware and apps for geo-monitoring

what our clients say

“Early in the process, we found Tronel to be a competent and clean company to work with. They have done some great work on our data loggers, both organizing code and documenting features, making it easy for us to test and verify the quality of their work.”

Vegar Svendgard 

Development Manager at Cautus Geo

tailored approach

At Tronel, we understand that every project is different. That’s why our team of experienced software engineers is dedicated to creating customized solutions that align perfectly with your objectives. We collaborate closely with you to design firmware that seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

why Tronel?

11 years in the embedded solutions market

60 qualified engineers with strong academic background

dedicated team for your project

low-level programming: C, C++

over 100 successful projects for international clients from various industries

we only undertake projects that are consistent with our competencies 

Let’s talk about your project. Get in touch to learn how we can help you achieve your firmware development goals

get in touch

    Artur Gdański

    Embedded Solutions Manager

    Artur oversees embedded solutions projects at Tronel