Embedded Vision

embedded vision

bring vision to your IoT solutions

embedded image capture and processing

Tronel provides complete, highly customizable embedded vision solutions for automotive, security, robotics, medical, and agricultural industries among many others. Capture a high-quality image, process it on the device, and benefit from real-time decision-making. Integrate embedded vision swiftly and securely with your existing embedded system or build a custom solution from scratch.

Illustrated conceptualization of data transfer between multiple data logging devices

software and hardware

While Tronel’s main expertise lies in embedded software engineering, we deliver complete embedded solutions through our network of hardware partners.  You will receive a comprehensive solution and full control over your systems.

our embedded vision services

Embedded hardware

hardware consulting

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image processing

IoT solutions. Panorama of a smart city with IoT elements.

machine learning

client’s success story

industrial image processing for quality assurance

Drone with a security camera

why Tronel?

10+ years in the embedded solutions market

low-level programming: C, C++


over 100 successful projects for international clients from various industries

60 qualified engineers with strong academic background

dedicated team for your project


we only undertake projects that are consistent with our competencies 

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