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Tronel helps clients develop high-performing embedded systems that fully address their unique business challenges. Our customized solutions range from low-power measuring devices to advanced systems for telecommunications. We will guide you through the entire cycle of embedded system development: from the initial idea to the final product.  

Macro of a printed circuit board used in embedded systems

our embedded solutions

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While Tronel’s main expertise lies in embedded software engineering, we deliver complete embedded solutions through our network of hardware partners.  You will receive a comprehensive solution and full control over your systems.

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advancing railway control and communication with distributed systems

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“Early in the process, we found Tronel to be a competent and clean company to work with. They have done some great work on our data loggers, both organizing code and documenting features, making it easy for us to test and verify the quality of their work.”

Vegar Svendgard 

Development Manager at Cautus Geo

embedded systems are an integral part of IoT architecture 

learn how Tronel can help you build your IoT infrastructure

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over a decade in the embedded solutions market

low-level programming: C, C++


over 100 successful projects for international clients from various industries

60 qualified engineers with strong academic background

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