Data Logging Solutions

data logging solutions

capture data that matters to your business

unlock the power of data

Tronel’s solutions for advanced data logging are based on industry-leading hardware from our trusted partners. Flexible, reliable and secure, they’re suitable for distributed measurements and remote environments. You can connect a variety of sensors and add new layers of meaning through video and audio processing.

Illustrated conceptualization of data transfer between multiple data logging devices

multiple sensor support




air quality


traffic control


energy consumption

custom solutions

data logging software and hardware

While Tronel’s main expertise lies in data logging software development, we deliver complete solutions through our network of hardware partners.  You will receive a comprehensive solution and full control over your systems.

easy configuration

benefit from simple data recording and configuration

versatile measurement

connect your devices with an array of sensors


adjust reporting frequency, data format and storage

scalability for tomorrow

easily expand your system as your needs grow

client’s success story

Cautus Geo: data-driven environmental monitoring

why Tronel?

10+ years in the market

low-level programming


over 100 successful projects for international clients from various industries

60 qualified engineers with strong academic background

dedicated team for your project


we only undertake projects that are consistent with our competencies 

featured applications

Mountain landscape

environmental monitoring

monitor climate changes and prevent natural hazards using sensors deployed in remote locations

Drone with a security camera

safety and security

enhance monitoring, surveillance and quality control with drones equipped with high-resolution cameras

Long exposure of roads leading to a city centre

transport solutions

collect critical data, detect patterns and find smarter ways to manage traffic, infrastructure and logistics

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