IoT Solutions for Sustainable Development

IoT solutions for sustainable development

unlock the power of IoT with our comprehensive solutions combining cutting-edge hardware and software

hardware and software

Partnering with Micro Technic, Tronel provides holistic IoT solutions involving both hardware and software components. Our comprehensive approach allows us to deliver complete, end-to-end solutions, from idea to product deployment. By offering seamless integration between our data loggers and software applications, we ensure a streamlined and efficient IoT ecosystem for your organization.

Sustainable IoT data logger

next-generation data loggers

Skylark Pro data logger

Skylark Pro

Advanced data logger with multi-functional data collection and green energy power options

  • 16 analog inputs
  • 8 digital inputs and outputs
  • high speed modem (5G/4G)
  • integrated wireless solution
Skylark GO data logger

Skylark GO

Compact and easy to use data logger with integrated sensors and multiple connectivity options

  • built-in sensors
  • up to 2 external sensors
  • robust and waterproof
  • battery life of 5-10 years


Sustainable IoT Solutions: Paving the Way to a Greener Future

Energy-efficient and sustainable wind turbines on a green hill

multiple sensor support




air quality


traffic control


energy consumption

custom solutions

featured applications

Mountain landscape

environmental monitoring

monitor climate changes and prevent natural hazards using sensors deployed in remote locations

Welding machine


step into Industry 4.0: reduce costs, optimize inventory management and enhance quality control

Panorama of a smart city with IoT elements

traffic solutions

collect critical data, monitor patterns and find smarter ways to manage traffic and improve infrastructure

end-to-end development

we take care of the entire development cycle ensuring a seamless integration between the data loggers and software

faster time to market

our comprehensive approach accelerates IoT development, deployment and management

simple control

one, fully integrated platform allows you to remotely monitor, optimize and update all your devices in real-time 


our solutions are designed to grow with your organization to ensure that your IoT ecosystem remains effective in the long term

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