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end-to-end embedded solutions

why embedded solutions?

Are you planning to implement new embedded technology? Would you like to update your existing systems? Do you lack the technical expertise to turn your idea into reality?

Custom end-to-end embedded solutions will allow you to enhance your company’s competitiveness and make the most of embedded technologies. Tronel’s solutions can be fully customized to your needs and objectives.


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benefit from end-to-end development

control the full cycle of embedded system development

laverage latest technologies

speed up product innovation in our in-house R&D laboratory

tap into best talent 

get support for your project from top embedded software engineers

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experienced engineers


successful projects

“Early in the process, we found Tronel to be a competent and clean company to work with. They have done some great work on our data loggers, both organizing code and documenting features, making it easy for us to test and verify the quality of their work.”

Vegar Svendgard 

Development Manager at Cautus Geo

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Embedded systems are a combination of computer hardware and software designed to perform a specific task. They can function as an independent system or as a part of a larger mechanical or electrical system. Embedded systems have a variety of applications and are present in every industry nowadays.

Embedded solutions are designed to help companies develop and maintain embedded systems according to their business needs. Tronel offers a full range of embedded solutions, including research and development, it consulting, software engineering, system integration and quality assurance.

The difference between embedded systems and IoT is that embedded systems can be a subset of IoT. IoT integrates embedded systems along with sensors and data processors to create a connected environment.