securing connected devices

securing connected devices

extension for Mender, an IoT update management system

the background is a mission-driven company specializing in building security software for the connected world. One of their leading product is Mender, an open-source update management system for IoT devices. It allows the users to remotely update, configure, troubleshoot and monitor a fleet of connected devices via a cloud server managed from a web user interface.

the challenge

One of’s clients, a large provider of cargo services, required an extension of the Mender software that would allow them to remotely access the operating system’s services on their IoT devices. turned to Tronel, a reliable provider of embedded solutions, to develop a suitable extension that would match the end client’s needs. A key requirement was the acknowledgement of the fact the client’s marine fleet often remains out of reach, and thus the extension needed to work in the offline mode.

the approach

Tronel collaborated closely with, strictly consulting the development process with their engineering team. To ensure the best code quality, our specialists conducted unit tests and employed tools such as Black and Pylint. As the code was uploaded to open source, rigorous quality assurance was essential.

technologies we used:

the solution

The solution is a customized extension fully compatible with Mender software. Using the extension, the end client can not only deploy secure and robust updates to their IoT devices but also introduce changes on the level of the operating system.

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