about us

about us

Founded in 2011 in Krakow, Tronel is a Polish IT company specializing in delivering complete embedded solutions. Our team consists of over 60 qualified engineers experienced in working with dozens of cutting-edge embedded technologies. We collaborate with the most innovative leaders in technology markets across Europe and the US. Our clients operate in a variety of sectors, from telecommunication, through railway and geodesy, to automation and robotics.

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our values

open collaboration

We work together to achieve the common goal: to create the best quality embedded systems. Empathy and mutual understanding translate into the effectiveness of our teams.


We focus on building our expertise in embedded technologies, which remains our main specialization. We are constantly developing and deepening our knowledge.


Our communication is based on honesty and trust. We undertake only those projects that are consistent with our competencies. We don’t make empty promises. 

At Tronel, we believe that with new technologies we can create everything…

… but not everything is worth creating. Business-wise.

And you need a technology partner who not only knows how to create the best quality embedded software but can also evaluate if such a solution is the most beneficial for your business.

meet our leadership team

CEO & Co-Founder

Marcin Żyrkowski

Leading the company for over a decade, Marcin’s entrepreneurial spirit and determination have been crucial to the continued success of the company. He works closely with software engineers, which means he knows exactly how to use technology to advance clients’ performance.

CTO & Co-Founder

Paweł Kubaty

Driving the technological side of the firm’s strategy, Paweł brings sustained growth to the company. He combines a strong software engineering background with an analytical mind and extensive experience in project management methodologies.

Executive Assistant to the Board

Justyna Kubaty

Since the firm’s inception, Justyna has played a fundamental role in many areas of the business. She maintains the support and processes that keep the company operating smoothly.

Product Manager

Michał Niemczyk

Having spent over two decades in the embedded industry, Michał oversees IoT R&D processes and project implementation. With a strong engineering background and management experience, he takes a comprehensive approach to product delivery.

Embedded Solutions Manager

Artur Gdański

Leading the embedded department, Artur develops solutions that enhance clients’ organizational competitiveness. Integrating a software engineering background with business expertise, he excels at combating technological challenges.

meet our senior technical experts

Connectivity Solutions Expert

Tomasz Kaczmarczyk

Professional SCRUM master with over a decade of experience in the telecoms industry. Leading the team that delivers new LTE solutions for clients worldwide, Tomasz supports software engineers with his deep protocol knowledge.

RTOS & DSP Expert

Żaneta Błaszczuk

With a background in control engineering and FPGA, Żaneta heads up the team developing low-layer LTE software. Her cross-functional knowledge has allowed her to develop a great understanding of clients’ requirements across the globe.

Network Test Solutions Expert

Rafał Kodura

Having spent over a decade at Tronel, Rafał leads a team of programmers who provide worldwide 3G implementation and support for telecoms systems. The pragmatic approach and focus on quality ensure the team’s success.

5G Solutions Architect

Łukasz Finster

With almost a decade of experience working on Tronel’s telecoms projects, Łukasz leads the 5G team. His vast programming expertise and systematic approach are crucial in tackling technological challenges.

Performance Solutions Architect

Łukasz Wątor

Heading up the Tools team, Łukasz provides clients with new technologies that increase their performance. His coding expertise and reliability ensure the design and timely delivery of highly efficient solutions.